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Lychee is a juicy fruit belongs to the family of soap. It is a tropical fruit tree widespread in southern China, southern Taiwan, northern Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. India also lychees as a summer seasonal fruit. The fruit grows on an evergreen tree with pinnate leaves. It is a stone fruit, outside covered by a pink-red, rough textured crust, easily removable. Lychee contains the soft layer of white meat surrounding the seeds brown. The taste is somewhat similar to that of grapes and are very juicy. Apart from its sweet and tangy, Lychee has significant health and nutritional benefits.

The name of the fruit comes from Lee Chee Chinese word meaning "one who gives joy of life." Lychee is also known as "the fruit of romance" in China.

The health benefits of fruits that you have been tested, proven and touted in countries such as China, India and Indonesia, so that the lychees found its place in ancient Chinese legend. It is believed that the emperor of the Tang Dynasty royal guards would send about 600 miles to select lychees in an attempt to seduce his favorite concubine, with its seductive flesh sweet and fragrant lychee fruit. Today, the fruits of litchi in China in the wake of such a legend, is now a symbol of romance and love.

Who eats fruit lychee immediately falls in love with it. But if it is so delicious lychee is not to convince you to try, maybe hear some of the health benefits of lychee makes you give this one looks like a tropical fruit.

Two studies were conducted concludes that the lychee fruit inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Lychee contains flavonoids in its pulp, which is very effective against breast cancer in particular. Zhejiang University and Gonshang West China Hospital of Sichuan University in China in the studies. So this small fruit that resembles a strawberry can help protect the body against cancer.

Another health benefit of lychee fruit is that it is a great source of vitamin C, a vitamin that the body does not produce naturally. Vitamin C helps the body fight heart disease and cancer, vitamin C is good for our bones, skin and tissue, and therefore a very important vitamin for our overall health.

With vitamin C in high litchi fruit, the fruit benefits those suffering from colds, fevers and sore throats. Lychee also helps the body digest foods properly to better nutrition and an extra boost of health.

Litchi, the Chinese believe also has the ability to relieve pain and reduce swollen glands. People in China treat these symptoms with fresh lychees using ancient Chinese medicine, and they demonstrate his powers, but there are currently no studies out there that gives a scientific weight of this argument.

Along with these lychee health benefits also contains phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and protein. Although lychee is native to Asia, the popularity and reputation of the fruit as a healthy fruit contributed to the commercial growth of lychee trees in California and Florida. Lychee can be found in Asian supermarkets canned or dried, or in jellies, jams, jellies and sauces in Asian cooking.

A cup of fresh lychees contains 1.58 grams protein, 125 calories and 2.5 grams of dietary fiber.


Potassium - 325 mg

Phosphorus - 59 mg

Magnesium - 19 mg

Calcium - 10mg

Sodium - 2 mg

Iron - 0.59 mg

Selenium 1.1 mcg

Manganese - 0.104 mg

Copper - 0.281 mg

Zinc - 0.13 mg

It also contains small amounts of other minerals.

Vitamins Included:

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - 0.021 mg

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 0123 mg

Niacin - 1.146 mg

Folic Acid - 27 mcg

Vitamin B6 - 0.19 mg

Vitamin C - 135.8 mg

Vitamin E - 0.13 mg

Vitamin K - 0.08 mcg

Contains some other vitamins in small amounts.


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