10 Reasons Not To Skip Breakfast

A new study shows that eating breakfast every day is a key behavior among people who lost an average of 60 pounds and kept for six years. The study in the Journal of Obesity Research has a current look successful in maintaining significant weight loss.

Nearly 80 percent of them eat breakfast every day as part of your routine to stay thin. The grain was their preferred option. Nutritionists suggest to start the day with whole grains like oatmeal or brown rice, which are low on the glycemic index. These foods do not cause to meet a sudden increase in blood sugar. By contrast, tend to delay hunger for several hours, which are absorbed slowly into the bloodstream.

Breakfast can make or break a diet, because breakfast helps set the tone for the rest of the day. If you're one of those who think that skipping breakfast is a good way to lose weight, think again. Here's why you should definitely breakfast every day:

Breaking the fast. What is the "breakfast" means? Your body responds to not eating for hours and hours of "slowdown" reducing your metabolic rate and burning fewer calories to conserve energy. After breakfast, you wake up your metabolism and get your engine humming, burning of calories you need to burn to lose weight.

Eat more, weigh less. Researchers have repeatedly shown that people who eat breakfast are more likely to lose weight and keep it off. When you skip a meal, which is so hungry by lunchtime you eat the whole cow! The National Weight Control Registry shows that among those who have lost 30 pounds or more and kept it for over a year, 90 percent report eating the smallest day of the week.

Better to work or school

Breakfast helps you wake up. Studies show that people who eat breakfast are more alert and do better on tests than people who skip breakfast. Eating breakfast helps "improve memory and positively affects the tasks that require storage of new information. Conversely, a hungry child can be apathetic, disinterested and irritable when confronted with difficult tasks. The small Breakfast is the most important. " No doubt adults need breakfast as much as children do.

Breakfast is your chance to eat foods that you can not eat all day. You can not go wrong with a whole grain cereal and berries with skim milk - fiber, folic acid and calcium in a container easier to grip.

Skipping breakfast is grumpy. Studies show that people who eat breakfast tend to perform better moods. Breakfast was started on the right track now. If you start with a healthy breakfast, so you can set the mood for lunch. You will probably choose something reasonable for lunch if you have paid some attention to the breakfast choices.

Cancel the Danish or sugar donut in the morning, causing a decrease in blood glucose several hours later. He desperately for something to cheer, and more likely that another high-sugar refined carbohydrates for a quick sugar rush.

Breakfast makes your machine run better. Get a calendar with a healthy breakfast, and you're ready to take on the world.

Set a good example for their children. By skipping breakfast, your kids will think is not important. Breakfast should not be a big problem, but not flat. Make it a habit, and their children will be ahead of the game, too.

Do not eat dessert for breakfast. If you think a glazed donut or a bar with 30 grams of sugar are breakfast items, think again. Fried donuts are pieces of sweet dough, breakfast bars and many should be labeled "candy bar" instead.

Be wary of labels. "Nutritious," is not necessarily always mean healthy. Cereal manufacturers are experts in marketing, using words that send a message of health. Unless you read the labels you eat at your own risk. Baby corn can have more sugar than candy. Protect your children not to start on these grains, they will get used to all the sugar and you want the sugary cereals.
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Discovered Wheat

Discovered wheat

Cereals can be a delightful day, providing increased energy in your body that can last well after lunch. The trick is to choose the right cereal is low in sugar and full of super foods, whole grains, and even fruit.

Advertisers have always been informed and they are better. With so many people looking for a good start to their day, are brands such as Kellogg and be sure to target a healthy public. Although not all of their grain is terrible for you, it is important to look beyond their needs and to focus on the ingredients. For "complete" for example, if a fire is a cereal advertising perhaps glucose syrup, sugar, you definitely do not want to consume, even if you get your dose of whole grains.

Some companies make corn "challenges" (Special K, for example) to guarantee weight loss. Eat cereal for breakfast and lunch is not a good idea in general, and in this case it is certainly not healthy. If you want to eat cereal for breakfast, because you do not have time or it is the only currently available, so make sure you are eating at least one product with minimum sugar.

The berries must be:

* A fiber-rich

* Low in sugar

* Equipped with whole grains such as wheat, barley, kamut and farro

* Two hundred calories or less per serving

* Many of the super foods like nuts, oats and berries

Do not buy the wheat, if it contains:

* Enriched Flour

* High fructose corn, or any other form of corn syrup

* Less than 4 grams of fiber per serving

Good brands to look for:

Cascadian Farms *

* Galaxy Granola

* Arrowhead Mills

* Erewhon

* Barbara

* Nature Trail

Foods and Trader Joe's brand full label
See Also, Benefits Food, Benefits Fruit, Benefits Salad ,Breakfast ,Cupcake, Dry Fruits,Food Pyramid, Fruit, Fruit Cake , Fruit Icecream , Fruit Juice, Fruit Salad ,Meat Recipes, Milk Benefit, Pizza , Sideaffact Fruit, Soup ,Vegetable Recipes ,Vegetable Salad,