Roasted Pheasant Invulnerable

Roasted whole game has always been something of Hobson's choice for me: perfect breast meat or cooked legs and thighs? Is it possible to get both?

I think it is, but I have not yet achieved a perfect roast pheasant: Juicy chest, legs and feet are well cooked, crispy skin. It would be sublime. Do not get me wrong, I do not, however, can still arouse a good roast pheasant, and this is what I did with pheasant unkillable. I brine bird first eight hours, then roasted in the classic high-low method. Recipe of the details are here.

How do I exit? The breast meat was perfect: juicy, tender, with the rustling of the rose naked. The thigh is also excellent - well cooked and tender as a leg that can run many (tendons of the legs of a pheasant are like miniature versions of a turkey leg). The thigh, however, was a little bleeding, boiled, yes, but still very pink. I would not eat, if the bird was a factory farmed chickens. Very disappointing was the skin that was not fresh. Perhaps the maple syrup and butter ice stopping you?

I have read dozens of roast pheasant recipes. Most cooking the bird at 350 degrees for anything between 20 minutes to an hour. Twenty minutes is crazy: Even the breast meat is not done in a short time at that temperature. Others use a rage of 500 degrees in the oven: I have not dared to try, but I can when I get another pheasant.

Two things are clear to me: first game of pickle is an essential step for me. It is insurance against drought and adds a little flavor. Second, the bird at rest for 5-15 minutes (depending on size) is also critical. This is extra insurance against drought, and gives leeway to the cooking time.

I saw a recipe in the 1800's the pheasant flying in lots of butter. That gradually turn the bird around and around to brown all sides, I do it with ducks before putting them in an oven of 400 degrees, and goes a long way to go crispy skin of birds. I've never done this with a pheasant, because unlike a duck, a pheasant does not have much fat under the skin.

With so many techniques. All pheasant roasters there? How to roast your bird? I'd love to hear from you. At the same time, with a sunny weekend ahead, I think I'm going to hunt some chickens in a ditch ...
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