Features And Benefits Of Lemon

Lemon is one of the fruits, which are the features and benefits than many other fruits, because they are a very interesting series of virtues for a variety of conditions, problems and diseases.

This is precisely the main theme, this fruit is used for therapeutic purposes for over 4000 years, as is well known that historical levels.

Among other things, the lemon is an excellent cleaner because it is capable of removing various impurities from the blood and helps to eliminate toxins through the urine, if I do layoffs.

For these virtues, which is used to treat water retention and the problem with obesity, and prevents kidney stones.

But you have to do with the prevention of many diseases, helps treat osteoarthritis, gout, high cholesterol, and fights infection by increasing white blood cells, improving blood circulation, in turn (to help guard your heart) and both have healing effects and astringent.
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