Why Women Eat Salads On A Date?

You have an important date in the future. A good man takes you to a nice steakhouse, where he ordered a sirloin heavy ball (with extra chips) and for you ... a salad, apparently.

Exactly. It has long been argued that girls in barely a nibble on lettuce leaves dates, but new research shows it may actually be true.

Psychologist Meredith Young and his team at McMaster University in Ontario, observed eating behavior in nearly 500 students in dining halls on campus.

They discovered that if a woman was sitting with the men, were more likely to eat "lower calorific values", as if he were sitting with other women.

Not the kind of ordering the salad myself, I am often asked the women what to do to have a couple of splinters watercress, when in fact they wanted slab of meat.

"I do not want to feel bloated later in the evening," says one. "Part of me thinks that ordering a salad will make him think I'm thin and healthy," said another. "It's more distinguished than tearing into a piece of steak, is not it?" Shouted a third.

In this study, the latter two have a point. The study suggests that women, consciously or not, using the contents of their plates to send a subliminal message to potential suitors.

"Leaf lettuce to say:" I am enough, are interesting, I'll take care of myself, "says Meredith Young.

Men, on the other hand, does not seem to need to change your food intake to impress the opposite sex. The study showed that those who eat it, regardless of their peers are eating.

However, the researchers also stressed that "social status and wealth, the influence of romantic charm men than for women physical attractiveness," adding: ". It would be interesting to see if the men in order to expensive food when eating with women "

Men to use food as a way to impress? Surely not? Well, let's be honest, the man who controls the lobster or steak is infinitely more attractive than one that orders a salad with no.
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