Discovered Wheat

Discovered wheat

Cereals can be a delightful day, providing increased energy in your body that can last well after lunch. The trick is to choose the right cereal is low in sugar and full of super foods, whole grains, and even fruit.

Advertisers have always been informed and they are better. With so many people looking for a good start to their day, are brands such as Kellogg and be sure to target a healthy public. Although not all of their grain is terrible for you, it is important to look beyond their needs and to focus on the ingredients. For "complete" for example, if a fire is a cereal advertising perhaps glucose syrup, sugar, you definitely do not want to consume, even if you get your dose of whole grains.

Some companies make corn "challenges" (Special K, for example) to guarantee weight loss. Eat cereal for breakfast and lunch is not a good idea in general, and in this case it is certainly not healthy. If you want to eat cereal for breakfast, because you do not have time or it is the only currently available, so make sure you are eating at least one product with minimum sugar.

The berries must be:

* A fiber-rich

* Low in sugar

* Equipped with whole grains such as wheat, barley, kamut and farro

* Two hundred calories or less per serving

* Many of the super foods like nuts, oats and berries

Do not buy the wheat, if it contains:

* Enriched Flour

* High fructose corn, or any other form of corn syrup

* Less than 4 grams of fiber per serving

Good brands to look for:

Cascadian Farms *

* Galaxy Granola

* Arrowhead Mills

* Erewhon

* Barbara

* Nature Trail

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