Pineapple Juice

The word pineapple in English was discovered in 1398, when it was originally used to describe the reproductive organs of pine cones. In addition, the consumption of products, can be grown as an ornamental or houseplant, from the crown of a fruit store.

For a natural and tasty way to improve health and boost your healing capacity, add fresh pineapple and pineapple juice to your diet. Production costs are nutritionally rich members of the bromeliad family. This delightful tropical fruit is high antioxidant enzymes bromelain and vitamin C, both of which play an important role in the process of healing the body.

When choosing a fresh pineapple, do not judge ripeness solely based on color. There are several varieties on the market, ranging from green to golden yellow. The most important factor in the degree of ripeness is smell, let your nose help you decide

Give off a sweet ripe pineapple, fresh tropical scent. Avoid pineapples that give off an unpleasant odor, or any weaknesses or areas of discoloration.Once dark, let the pineapple sit on the bench at room temperature until use. This is to keep sweet and spicy.


# 1 all cleaned, skinless pineapple

# 2 tablespoons sugar

# 1 cup crushed ice (optional garnish)

# 1 Large sprig of fresh mint (optional garnish)

# Honey-topping (optional)


1. Cut the skin of the pineapple, cut off the head and sides and then proceed to remove the trunk / core at its center.

2. Cut the pineapple into chunks that can fit in your blender and turn on the machine and start to feed each one a piece. Add sugar and mix until smooth. No need to keep the tension and all the fibers.

3. Pure pineapple juice can be very sweet if you can overcome with a cup of crushed ice, to be diluted a little sweetness.

4th Pour a little honey on top and garnish your drink with a sprig of fresh mint optional.

Pineapple juice helps improve your mood naturally and helps the experience of bodily pleasure.
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