Cake Pista Recipe


Track (1c), ghee (1 ¼ 1 1/2c), the milk just enough to grind, Sugar Run (2c), track Essence (2 or 3 drops).

Preparation: -

Pista-cakeTake a bowl, soak Pista for about 4 hours in cold water. Peel the skin and then grind to a paste adding Pista milk instead of water. The dough should be as a tomato sauce. Take a heavy bottomed vessel, put the pasta and sugar in the ship, then hold cooking. Keep stirring constantly so it does not stick to the tank. When the sugar is dissolved, then start to gradually add the clarified butter. The cake starts thickening. Once the cake leaves the bottom of the container, then add the essence and mix. Pour into greased baking sheet and keep it cool for a while. Then cut the cake into the desired shape. Now Pista cake is ready to eat hot.


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