How To Make Creamy Fruit Salad

Products required:

----- Mango pieces ½ cup

----- Banana chunks 1 / 2 cup

----- Zapote pieces 1 / 2 cup

----- 1 cup heavy cream

Pomeogranate seeds ----- 1 / 2 cup

----- Salt if necessary

----- Chat masala ½ tablespoon


1. Take a bowl and add the mango pieces in it.

Add the pieces of second sapote, banana pieces and seeds pomeogranate in it.

3rd Add the cream in it and mix well.

4th Add pinch of salt and chat masala in it.

5th Mix well and store in refrigerator for 1 / 2 hour.

6. After half an hour, to keep him off to the side and serve.

7. Now you're ready for a creamy salad infront of you.

8. Eat and enjoy tasty, tasty and delicious fruit salad salad cream point.
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