Nutrition Pyramid

For you who still confuse the Pyramid Nutrition does it really mean? And how can we assume that the correct method? Discuss the basic information and explanation of this pyramid and Nutrition in the email. Many of us still confused and not only understand how this works, Nutrition Pyramid, we have to eat all the foods listed in the table every day? What could be more than 2500 calories, or we can do is choose a group, and consume all the food group on the same day?

The basic idea of ​​food pyramid is actually help you have the right amount of nutrients, vitamins and all the good things that come from the foods you eat every day so your body gets all the nutrients and vitamins needed to make your body in good shape, healthy.

Then, discuss each group or level of nutrition pyramid. At the bottom of the food pyramid, a group of complex carbohydrates are foods like pasta, bread, cereals and cereal too. The greatest amount should be used on a daily basis from this level. Based on the food pyramid, we should eat a carbohydrate food group volumes much more than other food groups.

The second level from below, as well as vegetables, fruits, these foods is based on the food pyramid, vitamins, high in fiber and beneficial nutrients such as potassium and hydrogen colic. In addition, we can not even drink a juice made from vegetables, fresh fruit and meet the needs of this group. We should eat these foods less than the base group. Food Pyramid to the next level includes foods such as milk, eggs, cheese, meat, fish and even. These foods are protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals needed by our body.

At the top of the pyramid of foods containing fat and sugar that has a huge calories, so you have to eat like a very small part. Based on this method of food pyramid that we have a good amount of food that is already classified and also grouped on several levels. Applying this method in a real life food pyramid, we can achieve a healthy body.


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