Strawberry Mascarpone Ice Cream

Strawberries are not really my cup of tea ... but I must admit it's definitely my (BIG), a dish of ice cream! Talk about being caught off guard! I never imagined eating strawberries, after eating the fruit of two times and then lay out as an over-rated, but very nice fruit. The fruit of the season is supposed to taste better when plucked ripe, but unfortunately also a very short life. Which probably means that people living in areas where they grow the fruit to go to enjoy the fruit at its best. Once I asked a fruit-seller how long would the fruit is kept cool and told me that the fruit is like ice cream - eat immediately or will never be the same.

I wanted to do something before the strawberry season there are more - just because I've never done anything out of it. Strawberry ice cream and looked like a better idea and one of the mascarpone seemed even better. I loved the mascarpone tiramisu cake when I did, and was attracted to the fruit ice cream are not really crazy. I started making mascarpone and took pictures of fruit and enjoy the visual treats of fruits against the brilliant white ... consolation enough to matter, even if does not have any ice cream. Humble Pie I ate as I like Strawberry Mascarpone Ice Cream - a creamy, soft, luxurious and very very delicious ...

The ice is pretty easy to do and have no eggs in it too. Let me rephrase that - it's easy if you do not have to search half of the city to the cream. It suddenly becomes very easy when a friend calls and gives the package with fresh cream - all mines to use! Well, I'd be making ice cream with strawberry at the end of the season, after all! I could very well have made ice cream with just cream, but with my newfound confidence in making mascarpone would not let me, so it should be the strawberry mascarpone ice cream.

A ride on the markets and super cars sale of fruits and came home with some strawberries on hand. The precious fruit was well hidden in the fridge behind the container boring - as a precaution against my little elf of a girl leaving her curiosity get the better of the pleasures of cooking and blogging her.The with a hyperactive 4 years - deserves another long boring post separate itself :-). So let's move on to how I made my first real ice cream in the country and a sensational

Recipe adapted Deeba cooking enthusiast, the original recipe Indulge by Claire Clark. Since it was 600 ml cream I reduced the proportion of the remaining ingredients. I was a bit 'worried about making your deductions, but I was not afraid of the set really good ice cream.


Mascarpone - 400 grams (Made of 600 ml low-fat cream 25%)

Fresh strawberries - 400 grams

Sugar - 200 grams

Vanilla - 1 (optional)

Vodka - 1 tsp (optional)

Procedure: Place the mascarpone the day before and let stand in refrigerator overnight. The weight shown here is the weight of the cheese after draining overnight.

Wash and hull strawberries. Puree in a food processor until smooth. Strain to remove seeds. You can leave the seeds in the puree if you wish. I tried to puree.

In a heavy saucepan and large, combine half the sugar with the mascarpone. (To use the cream, mix half the sugar with the cream and simmer) over low heat, bring mixture to a simmer. The mascarpone is quite thick and firm, and at this stage, thick semi-liquid state. At the same time ensuring that keep the mixture from burning. Turn off heat. Scrape a vanilla bean and add to mixture.

Pour the mixture over the fruit puree and stir in remaining sugar. Leave the mixture to cool completely. Add vodka, if using. Vodka, Deeba says, helps prevent the ice cream becomes very difficult, but does not alter the taste of ice cream.

Set the mixture in an ice cream maker according to instructions. I put ice in a container in the freezer, of course, occurring in the mixer three times, each time after the mixture is half set. Soften ice cream before serving.

Vanilla bean (and a great for this) were added after some reflection. But it was good on the ice. The ice was a little tart and uber yumm. He was very good and I in my attempt to get "perfect scoops" for the photos that ended up ruining slightly melted the ice a little more .. well .. melting moments, I must say!

I had to make an effort not to keep eating some ice creams whenever the mix :-). Pleased to be a convert, being a boring person to oh-yum strawberries strawberry person, at least for the ice. Needless to say, I will save some berries eagerly away in my freezer and wait for strawberry season too ..

And if you have not tried this ice cream again, a little more to get some berries and enjoy! Thank you for this recipe Deeb fantastic!


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