Health Benefits Of Coconut Juice

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I love coconuts! and I like all the juice and coconut pulp. Oh man, I love it. Coconut juice taste so clean, I just want to say clean? lol! Well, what I meant was that artificial animals. I hate myself and always forget my blog.

Coconut juice is the largest natural source of electrolytes, and yes it is much better than just your ordinary water. Twice in my life, I had the UTI, urinary tract infection. And so it was really hard for me to pee, it was so painful that I cried, yes I was a kid at the time, the second time I had was when I ' were pregnant, I think I know that some pregnant women have been in this type of situation. Anyway, my mother always tells me, drinking coconut juice until you get Well, it was not really the hardest thing for me. Because I love coconut. Okay, I drink it religiously, I love when it's cold Okay, so in just a matter of a day or two. I'm OK. Honest!

Thus, the coconut milk has anti-bacterial which kills all bacteria that cause these infections, throat, urinary tract infections, pneumonia and other diseases. Coconut milk has a lot of vitamins and minerals so my mother that my children always take a full glass. No, good for skin and hair know s. So this weekend had a coconut water in the fridge and serve with ice for your family.


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