Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal?

Breakfast haters of the world rejoice! According to a recent study, the breakfast can not be all it is cracked up to be.

According to a recent New York Times, eat a good breakfast is not a recipe for a good start to your day.

The study, published in Nutrition Journal, after which the diet of 280 obese and 100 normal weight people. The researchers found that taking a lunch largest not decrease the calories that participants ate the rest of the day, but increased. This contradicts previous studies have found that eating breakfast helps to speed up metabolism and helps the person who would have fewer calories throughout the day.

Bottom line? If you're hungry in the morning, still choose healthy, low price, rather than accumulate on the plate of bacon and eggs. Smoothies made with fruit or a bowl of oatmeal will give you the energy and nutrients needed to start the day without giving unnecessary calories.

For those of you who hate breakfast, Volker Schusdziarra, professor of internal medicine at the University of Monaco of Bavaria University of Technology, and Sn. author of the study had the following to say:

"Every time someone comes to me for nutritional advice and said:" I never eat breakfast, I said, 'Keep doing what you doing.Eating breakfast adds calories. Never will be compensated at subsequent meals. "

I guess that means I can keep my coffee with soy milk, right?


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