Lychee, Longan, Rambutan!

Lychee is a kind of famous local fruit in Guangdong. It was a feast of soft and beautiful.

As people have to wait for Conghua lychee, litchi base in the north of Guangzhou, blackberry and enter the market until later this month, a lychee festival begins today in Huangge, Nansha in the southern district of Guangzhou, for those who like this place subtropics.

Food gala held at the Milan Stock Lianxi Huangge from June 19 to 27 people can take the metro line 4 Huangge stop Auto Center. The place is right near the subway exit.

There are several types of lychee, with the following key:

Taste Sweet Osmanthus (MEI GUI):

Named after the sweet Osmanthus appears in this lychee has light red shells, which contains sharp edges. The fruits are described as crispy and sweet. It is a related cultivar, called "Green Yatou" The rind of this variety has dark green spots.

"Sticky Rice Ball" (Those We I):

Named for its thick flesh and sweet (some described the taste as close to honey) taste. The fresh red shells are not sharp and hard, and the seeds of this variety is much smaller than the others. Some fruits of this variety is seedless.


The lychee is larger fruit, sweet and juicy. Its seeds are also higher. Huaizhi name literally means "branches [of fruit] in the arms of [person]." The Lychee supposedly got its name when an official toured Lingnan (modern Canton) and placed in his arms lychee branches gifted by local villagers.


When you buy a lychee, pay attention to the bandage on the bottom of the fruit. If you have small holes in it, is likely to be weak and unhealthy.

Tips and keep it on the right:

● Wrap lychee with newspaper, put in ziplock and then store in refrigerator. He works for about a week.

● short-term storage, you can first break the long branches, and then put the fruit in a plastic bag, make sure the package is sealed.

You can even save the water in the plastic bag inside the fruit. After a few days, the fruit is still fresh in smell, color and flavor.


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