Apple Kheer

A friend is visiting us this weekend and I was so confused that night on the whole menu thing. Many recipes danced in my head, but I do not know what to start with, so just looked in my fridge and came up with two delicious recipes for today: Apple Kheer Ras Malai and.

If you also have enough milk, and apples resting on the refrigerator, allow the recipes to try. Ras Malai would make little time to take, but Apple kheer depends only for 15 minutes. And the best part is that the "kheer Apple" to make even a microwave. :)

Apple kheer:


Two Chinese Fuji apples (peeled and grated) Milk 500 ml custard powder - vanilla (optional), cardamom powder, saffron, sugar, almonds


Collect 500 ml of milk and boil. In a small bowl, drink some cold milk and add 1-2 tablespoons cream powder to it and mix well. Add this mixture to the boiling milk and add the grated apples Fuji to it. Do not use any other variety of apple juice its bitter may also curdle milk. Add the cardamom powder, saffron and sugar to it. Take a boil and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Let cool. Refrigerate overnight or for 5-6 hours and serve cold. Top with almonds.

You can also do this, the microwave oven. Add the milk, powdered cream, apple sauce, saffron and a microwave oven for 10 minutes, stirring a few times is a 3-minute intervals. Add sugar and cardamom powder and heat for 5 minutes. Refrigerate overnight or for 5-6 hours and serve cold. Dress almonds. Make sure you are using a large bowl in microwave that is only half full so that the milk does not get out of it by boiling.

Note: If you use a different variation of an apple, then add at the end of the apple sweet cream to cool and do not cook anymore. You can also do the "Apple kheer" adding custard powder in it.


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