Benefits Vegetable Salad

Sometimes all I want is a salad. This is partly because I like salads. When you think of a salad that can evoke many things in your mind. Place some lettuce on a plate with some high-calorie dressing is not my idea of ​​a salad. It's a mess and not particularly of any benefit to anyone. A salad should be a celebration of all things fresh, organic and healthy and a virtual symphony of colors, flavors and textures. That's what I think should be a salad. A salad made correctly can be a meal in itself. Not only satisfaction, but nutritious. When I heard that California Pizza Kitchen had a salad of grilled vegetables releases ... well, it was my turn to say "I'm in"

The only reason to go to California Pizza Kitchen is a vegetarian based thin Japanese eggplant pizza without cheese. Absolutely wonderful and completely vegan. One of the things I often do on a Sunday afternoon in autumn, when I'm working on is a great bar to sit at the CK in my break and enjoy the wonderful pizza and watch a little 'football on the big screen. If I'm lucky, or the 49ers or Patriots are playing for someone. Yes, they are my team. I was born, grew up and lived most of my life in the Bay Area and the 49ers were always my team. The first part of my life suck. And then the space of nearly two decades, have become one of the dominant teams in NFL history. The reasons I like the Patriots are two: the quarterback and coach. I saw the quarterback Tom Brady, because he was a player in the Bay Area to prepare and coach because I like the way it goes about doing his job.

But not that kind of blog ... So back to the food industry.

One of the things I like about California Pizza Kitchen is that they have an online guide that divides the elements are acceptable in their menu for vegetarians and vegans. It is very specific and I left this place of what you may hear from a server. You can find / menu / pdfs / vegetarian.pdf. I hope more restaurant chains to stick with that. It is very useful. I started with something small plates menu. I ordered a white corn chips and guacamole. This was the lawyer, white corn, black beans, jicama, onions, peppers, cilantro and serrano peppers with a mixture of normal corn flakes and blue. He was a chunky guacamole was picking and eating perfect. A wonderful way to start the meal. The salad is beautiful, colorful and delicious.

It consists of a mixture of grilled artichoke hearts, asparagus, eggplant, red and yellow peppers, corn and sun-dried tomatoes served hot on romaine lettuce and topped with chunks of avocado. Your options for vegans balsamic dressing is fat free, peanut and Thai sweet and sour. I went with balsamic vinegar, balsamic vinegar is not, in Dijon, which usually goes with a salad. Although there was no football on, it was a meal I enjoyed a lot, and I look forward to the KPC for the progress they make. When you're out and about, or Town Square and Fashion Show Mall and with someone you'd like to share ... Try the veggie thin crust pizza without cheese and eggplant salad and grilled vegetables that you have a few more reasons to love this wonderful life of ours.


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